How to have a positive mindset

Is your glass half empty or half full? Your answer will certainly define your type of mindset. So, if you have more of a pessimist mindset or an optimistic one. Your mindset impacts directly your health and the vision of yourself and the world around you. Indeed, we associate optimism with positive thoughts. Whereas pessimism generates a lot of stress and low self-esteem. If you have trouble seeing the world on the bright side, don’t worry you can learn to have a positive mindset.

Advice #1: Practice positive self-talk

Positive self-talk is key to live your life proactively but maybe you are wondering what it is clearly. First, self-talk is defined as “the systematic use of cue words in a silent or vocalized dialog with oneself”. As much, as if you have the bad habit to tell yourself that you are a loser, weak or unloved. It shows that you have negative self-talk based on limiting beliefs. However, if your inner voice usually says: “I’m doing my best”, “’ I’m worthy of love”, and “I know that my power is unlimited”, you have a positive mindset.

My advice for you dear readers is to make a list of your limiting beliefs. Then, you need to find a positive substitute. To give you an idea, you can switch from “I’m a loser” to “I am proud of myself for even daring to try”.

I will tell you some things you need to be aware of about negative self-talk. You have negative thoughts when you’re filtering. For instance, during the day, you were complimented by your friends but at the end of the day, you forget these compliments and focus your thoughts on your bad grade or your conflict with your manager or teacher. Negative self-talk occurs when you are personalizing. It is when something bad happened, that you automatically blame yourself. Then, the most common for anxious people is catastrophizing. You know it is when you automatically anticipate the worst. One little bad thing will define your day as a disaster. And the last one is polarizing. I really identify myself with this one which is the black and white mindset. You never see things in the middle ground.

Advice #2: Do more of what you love

When you do activities that you really appreciate, you enter into a state of “flow”. It means that you become fully immersed in an activity. According to the positive psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who wrote the book “finding flow” in 1997, the more a person is in a flow state, the more he or she is happy. Indeed, people in a flow state enjoy more what they are doing and find it rewarding and fulfilling. From a scientific perspective, there is also an increase in the activity of dopamine during flow states. This brain chemical is associated with pleasure and motivation.

My advice for you dear readers is to make a list of activities that make you feel good and fully immersed. It can be cooking, painting, singing, dancing, coding, and many other activities. If you didn’t find an activity that makes you in a state of flow. Try to discover a new activity each week. For instance, do yoga every Sunday morning if you are curious to begin this activity.

Advice #3: Spend your money on experiences, not things

I started spending my money on experiences and it really help me to have a positive mindset. Indeed, experiences create new positive memories that you can share with your friends and family. It also builds your personal identity and allows you to grow and learn new things. Last Summer, I did a Paris trip with my sister, and it still brings me joy one year later because we created together lasted memories. I discover that I like planning trips by searching for cool spots. It is rewarding to organize a new experience that provides you joy to you and to the person with whom you share this moment.

My advice for you dear readers is to plan something with your friends like testing together a new coffee shop or fast food in your town, riding a bike in a park, taking a bakery or painting class, going to the museum or a concert. Depending on your needs in life, you can do manual activities by creating something, social activities by hanging out with people, or dedicate some time to yourself by taking a bath and listening to a podcast.

Advice #4: Be mindful in your relationship

“It seems that the best way to regulate your emotions is to start with the selection of your environment. If you don’t want to be angry today, one way to do that is to avoid angry people.” This quote from Amit Goldenberg, a psychologist professor at Harvard really summarizes this advice. Usually, when I’m feeling down, I try to stay with friends who know how to comfort me or make me laugh.

My advice for you dear readers:first become friends with your feelings. Ask yourself, how I’m feeling today. And if you’re feeling negative emotions (anxious, stressed, or sad), try to find who can be your « cure ». So, identify someone that can bring you hope, joy, inspiration, comfort, or fun in your life. When you find the right person, try to organize something with him or her.

We enter into a healthy lifestyle era; a lot of scientific institutions and experts are making research on the power of individual thoughts. Research shows that people with a positive mindset are easily succeeding in their life by living proactively and seeing failure not as a fatality but more as an opportunity to learn and grow. My best reminder if you struggle to have a positive mindset is “fake it until you make it”. Don’t forget to follow my tips and then you will automatically be a more joyful and motivated person that attracts good things around her.

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