Marketing data : best tips in the post cookie era

Marketer following our tips to collect data in the post cookie era

In this article about data and marketing, we are giving you the best tips to use in the post cookie era. But first, let’s explain briefly the current situation.

Starting from 2023, third party cookie will be not allowed on Google websites. This upcoming new will impact negatively companies success who neglected their digital marketing strategy. The reason behind this suppression is due to a growing concern on the protection of people privacy online. In addition, chairman’s GDPR made pressure to end cookies. However, cookies represent a powerful tool for advertising to create efficient online campaign. The elimination of third-party cookie drastically changes the digital marketing ecosystem. Advertisers and marketers will have to respond to new challenges and adapt their processes to collect datas.

However, the end of cookie doesn’t mean that there will be no use of cookies. Indeed, first cookie are still legally allowed. The main difference between first- and third-party cookie occurred on the actor who received datas. First cookies are stored and used by the website that the user visits. It’s useful for understand user’s behavior during his visit by getting login data, preferences, and history. The purpose is to build an easier navigation on the e-commerce website and ameliorate the services offered. Whereas third party cookies are used for retargeting and behavioral advertising. Therefore, these cookies are created by operators external. The purpose is to offer significant advertising on visited sites.

4 tips to succeed in the post third party cookie era

Tips 1: Establish your own database

To increase your database, you need to find new ways to collect and manage customer’s data. For instance, you can organize an event (online or face to face) that will attract qualified prospects. Using a meticulous registration form, you can have access to precious datas on your future customers. Integrate additional questions to ameliorate your marketing campaign. Another solution can be landing page if you propose content to download such as webinars and white papers. Finally, improve your subscription form to your newsletter. Integrate personal questions about your prospect to build a more detailed customer profile.

Tips 2: Create a trustful relationship with your customer

Nowadays, it’s crucial for companies to establish a relation of proximity and trust with their customers. You need to inform them about how you collect their personal information and for what purpose. If you reassure your customers, you will keep them much longer and will also gain valuable data more easily.

Tips 3: Improve the customer experience

Try to identify customer’s touchpoints on each step of their buying process. By gathering valuable data accessible on your website, you will understand the customer journey and personalized your website by making it easy to use.

Tips 4: Use contextual ads

An excellent alternative to cookie is the contextual ads! You simply need to place relevant ads on your web pages. Keyword targeting and consumer interest in the ads content automatically increase click rate.

With this precious advice, you are ready for the post cookie era. Adapt an efficient data management and make sure to multiply real time interaction with your customers.

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