GDPR : Small guide for marketers

Marketers searching customers data but they are following GDPR regulations
Marketer searching customers data by following GDPR regulations

General data protection regulation (or GDPR) which was enacted in May 2018, gives a legal framework that keep individual’s personal data safe. GDPR requires for companies to set up robust processes for handling and storing personal information.

Why is data protected under GDPR?

Every individual’s activity on internet leaves a data footprint. According to the Economist, digital footprints become more valuable than oil. Therefore, a lot of entity uses user’s data for a specific purpose. Data protection is crucial to prevent the information of a person or an organization from various dangers:

  • Fraudulent activities
  • Hacking
  • Phishing
  • Identity theft

In general, GDPR reinforces the rights that users have regarding personal data associated to them. As GDPR is concerning all companies operating in the European Union, it gives a harmonious regulation system on data protection.

How does GDPR impact the job of marketer?

In his daily job, a marketer must deal with a huge amount of data. Marketers need to collect, filter, and manage data to ameliorate customer’s profile, understand their needs and preferences and know their current expectations towards the brand.  The arrival of GDPR regulations impacts their job because they need to inform customers about how they collect their data. For instance, on the privacy policy page of the e-commerce website, marketers need to include:

  • A precise list of personal information collects (E.g., name, birth date, mail address, location)
  • Duration of the data
  • Reasons why they are collected
  • List of tiers who have access to these personal information (E.g., Google Ads, Google analytics, Stipes)

Therefore, these customer’s awareness towards their personal information utilization changes the way marketers communicates with their leads and customers. With GDPR regulations, customers have an easier access to corporate information.

In general, the mandatory implementation of RGPD in companies let the door open to new regulations that seek for companies’ transparency and customer centric mindset.

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