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Back to the 70’s

And if we bring out the multicolored dresses and the pants with kaleidoscopic patterns? And if we followed the trend of funky looks of the 70’s? Let’s go back to the 70’s…

A symbol of youthful rebellion, unbridled clothing gave birth to a cultural rebellion in the 70’s and is now found in many fashionistas’ closets. As the pandemic stains our lives, this wardrobe renewal with geometric shapes and flashy colors couldn’t have come at a better time.

Flowers, bangs, eph’s feet or skirt and long dress…This summer 2021, back to the 70’s. Indeed, the trend will be influenced by the Seventies. Imposed as a must in the spring-summer 2021 collections of Walter Chiapponi or Gabriela Hearst, in the Instagram influenceur’s posts, the psychedelic prints have not finished invading you. Ready… steady… and opt for the retro aesthetic!

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